Chris Rock criticized for not looking beyond black and white in Oscars performance | FEBRuary 29th, 2016

Was all the diversity talk at Sunday’s Academy Awards lacking in, well, diversity? While Chris Rock earned high marks from many critics for his performance as host, some observers are unhappy with the comedian for focusing on Hollywood's black-white divide at the expense of other underrepresented minority groups, particularly Asians, Latinos and Native Americans. IRead More

Director Fanny Veliz discusses true independent filmmaking | May 20, 2014

Once upon a time, independent filmmaking consisted largely of unestablished filmmakers and actors who struggled to get their cinematic vision in front of the viewing public. Not any more. Today, independent filmmaking has been hijacked by A-list stars who use crowdfunding to raise millions for their movie. Even the Spirit Awards, originally founded to recognize independent filmmaking, are now obsessed with celebrities and films released by big-studio subsidiaries that enjoy mainstream success. | Read More

Creating and Giving back through film | May 18, 2013

The art of filmmaking is amazing. Like painting or music, film allows the audience to experience emotions based upon what they see and how each individual interprets those visual cues and relates them to their own life experiences. Filmmaking, like any art form, is simply not easy. The biggest stumbling block that exists for the filmmaker is raising the funds to make their art shine. | Read More

Latina of Influence: Fanny Véliz | April 3, 2013

Writer, Director, Actress, Producer Fanny Véliz is one of Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2013 Latinas of Influence. | Learn More

2012 Alma Awards Red Carpet | September 19, 2012


latino-role-models-success | August 31, 2012

Listen to the live broadcast of Graham Streeter and Fanny Veliz, two Latino role-models who have emmulated success. | Listen Here

Behind the Scenes with Enrique Castillo -- Just Wrapped Indie Homebound | August 27, 2011

Enrique Castillo embraces his roles with the type of passion that remind you of a De Niro, Pacino, or Bardem. Like a true thespian, his versatility roars. | Read More

latina filmmaker tells it like it is | may 24, 2011

It’s no secret that Hollywood has never been great at portraying Latinos accurately. Latino characters on the silver screen are often underdeveloped, and the stereotypes surrounding them are rampant. Women are either the maid or the overly sexual, sassy sidekick and men are usually depicted as aggressive or gangster types. So what’s a young Latina actress and filmmaker to do? | Read More