HOMEBOUND is the award winning feature film written, directed, and produced by Fanny Véliz.  The film is heartwarming, with inspiring performances, unexpected twists and a passionate ending that will delight audiences around the world. The film was created as a response to the lack of positive representation of Latinos in film. Homebound has toured the country and received overwhelming positive response from very diverse communities. With more than 2 dozen screenings and several awards, Homebound has proven to be a film that speaks to the community in a way few other films can.

Homebound tells the story of Richard Lynn is a successful young man in Corporate World America. His father wants him to return home to run the family business, a bar called Sunnyside, the same place where his mother died when he was a teenager.

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HOMEBOUND is now available on DVD or Digital Download for Academic, Institutional, and Individual Use

Universities, Colleges & Institutions - Academic DVD or HD Digital Download - $250 USD Price applies to universities, colleges, hospitals, corporations, museums, government agencies, the armed services, and includes public performance rights for classroom, organizational or library use by the acquiring institution for non-paying audiences only. Note: if you require a Purchase Order/Invoice, we can accommodate. Please contact us directly at: criollafilms@gmail.com

Homebound is a powerful tool to discuss themes of Latino identity, Immigration issues, Latinos in Hollywood, Chicano Studies, Media representation of ethnic groups, and Women Filmmakers to name a few.

Homebound's director and producer Fanny Véliz is also available for bookings to visit your campus or institution and participate in an engaging conversation about what it's like to be a female and filmmaker of color in Hollywood, as well as the process of making the film and her commitment to challenge stereotypes. For bookings please contact: criollafilms@gmail.com

The film has been touring the country to rave reviews and positive feedback.